The testing procedure

Each winter, skiing magazine Fri Flyt tests the freeskiing, park and ski-touring skis on the market. At the moment you can find more than 418 skis from 2013, 2014 2015, 2016 and 2017. Each ski is tested extensively on snow by experienced, non-sponsored skiers. The skis are brought to the lab where we measure all relevant parameters. Based on the unique stiffness database containing all our tests, we calculate the ski’s relative stiffness (SFI-index). 

On-snow and lab data are summarized in a written report and in a relevant scale for readability.

The test crew is 100% independent and has no other aim than to provide the very best ski test on the market. 

At you will find these data per ski:

Flex (relative stiffness), contact length, rocker tail, rocker nose, side cut, taper tail, taper tip, setback (true center to narrowest point), tested mounting point (true center to boot center), max tail width, min waist width, max nose width, side cut radius, width difference nose vs. tail, surface area (one ski), weight, relative weight, height tail tip, Height nose tip, angle tail tip, angle nose tip and hight of camber.